Eithinduon, Llangynin

Very many thanks to Rachel Barber for this information, and her photos, of the meadows at Eithinduon.

Meadow Location and Owners:

 Eithinduon, (Black Gorse), Llangynin, Carmarthenshire – Rachel Barber and Tony Ashcroft


1: How would you describe your meadow, e.g. stand alone, part of a smallholding, part of a farm, managed lawn?

There are 4 (or 5 – depending how you demarcate) fields which form part of a 19 acre holding.  The fields make up about 13 acres with the rest being woods…IMG_7687

2: How would you best describe your management of the meadow, and what are your priorities for the meadow e.g. commercial farm, hobby farmer/smallholder, purely managing the meadow on its own for its wildflowers/biodiversity?

We are managing the fields for wildflowers and biodiversity – whilst also taking care of 4 welsh ponies who need to graze.IMG_7825

3: Roughly how big are the meadows?

1.5, 2.6, 3.6, 5 acres

4: Roughly how high above sea level?

About 100m


5: How long have you been managing the meadow for wild flowers?

 This is our second year

6: Do you know when the meadow was last ploughed/reseeded?

No idea – but exceeding 50 years.  Some fields, perhaps never – as the tithe map suggests that only one was used for “arable” with the rest “pasture”.IMG_7820

7: Do you know when the meadow last received fertiliser or farm yard manure?

No idea but again suspect more than 50 years, if at all – other than horses, sheep grazing.IMG_7661

8: What do the field boundaries consist of, e.g. laid/regularly flailed hedges, banks with no hedges, fence only, mature hedges, mature trees?

Old hedges (some older than others) – overgrown but laid at some point in the past.  Now more of a row of trees that will need a bit of tlc by laying and coppicing etc.IMG_7810

…(Wild Angelica)…

9: Is the meadow ever grazed by stock, and if so by what, and roughly when?

We have 4 welsh ponies who graze most of it in winter and one field in summer.IMG_7651

…(Early Purple Orchids)…

10: Is the meadow regularly cut, or burned and if so, when? And is the material removed and used as hay or bedding, or left on the field?

It has had an annual cut the last 3 years.  It’s cut and bailed as haylage.IMG_7816

11: Has the meadow ever received any herbicide treatment, and if so, what, and when?

Not to our knowledge.


12: Have you ever imported or scattered any flower seed or hay from other sources in the meadow?

No – we are still seeing what is here.IMG_7811

…(Lesser Skullcap)…

13: Is the meadow flat, or sloping, and is it hillside/valley bottom?

Sloping down to a valley bottom and facing predominately east.IMG_7830

14: Do you know roughly what the soil ph is?

No, but it’s on the acid side.IMG_7814

15: Have you ever had a botanical survey carried on the meadow, and if not would you be interested in having this done?

Lizzie Wilberforce came out to visit and added to the list that we are putting together.IMG_7812

…(Pignut, setting seed)…

16: Would you be happy for your meadow, and the above data to feature in the Gallery section of the CMG website?


17: Would you be interested in help from a contractor in managing any aspect of meadow maintenance, and if so what help would be useful to you?

It’s not so much a contractor, as expertise in managing hedges and ditches in such a way that we do not lose the wet meadow but can get a tractor round without making a mess of the tracks.IMG_7809

…(Wild Angelica)…

Added to the gallery 08/2016.

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