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We are always keen to receive news of any events or courses which might be of interest to the general public or other meadow owners. Do please contact us below:



January 6 2022 – The first CMG meeting of the new year will be on Thursday evening (Jan 6th) starting at 7:30pm, when we’ll be hearing from Abigail Lowe who has recently completed her PhD project at the National Botanic Garden of Wales.  Abi was studying pollinating insects, and concentrating on species other than the social bees (honeybees and bumblebees). Abi has used DNA barcoding techniques to study the pollen carried by pollinating insects. A DNA barcode is a short region of DNA used to identify species. Scientists all around the world are working together to DNA barcode all living things, allowing organisms to be identified where morphological identification is not possible. The Garden has contributed to this global effort by creating the Barcode UK database, which made Wales the first nation in the world to have a reference library of DNA barcodes for all its native flowering plants.

For Abigail’s research, insects have been collected monthly across the National Botanic Garden and Waun Las National Nature Reserve and the pollen removed for subsequent analysis. The DNA within the pollen is then extracted and the DNA barcode marker is amplified. This amplified DNA is sequenced and compared with the Barcode UK database to identify its origin.

This project aims to discover which plants pollinators use, as well as specific questions such as whether native or non-native plants are preferred, and is there any resource partitioning between species or within species? The answers to these questions can tell us how to manage land in order to increase pollinator populations and prevent further decline.

CMG members can log on for the meeting for free, if you’re not a member you are still welcome to attend and join in the discussion, but as with the village hall CMG meetings we ask you to pay a nominal sum (£2) for a ticket, which you can book here:

As well as free entry to meetings, CMG members can visit other members’ fields, attend visits to other sites organised by the group, and contribute to its running as we depend on subscription income to run this website, the membership database system, village hall hire and zoom meetings costs, and insurance for attendees at group events.  You can join the Carmarthenshire Meadows Group here:



Thursday 25th November at 7:30pm – we’ll be hearing from Sorcha Lewis about her farm in the Elan Valley, If you’re a CMG member you’ll be sent details of how to join the meeting, but non-members are also welcome – but you need to get a ticket (it’s £2, as it was for village hall meetings for non-members).  To get your ticket, go to:

For the meeting on January 6th 2022, where we’ll be hearing about pollinator research at the National Botanic Garden of Wales, go to:

We hope to see you at both meetings, anyone who attended the Plantlife Talks on Conservation Grazing will know how amazingly well Sorcha manages to combine farming and conservation; and Abigail Lowe from the NBGW has done some really interesting research on what resources wild pollinators need, and the best ways to help them.  Remember, if you’re a member of CMG you don’t need a ticket!  If you’d like to join the group, visit: and click on “Join/Renew”.


The next online meeting will be on Thursday October 28th, at 7:30pm when Bruce Langridge from the National Botanic Garden of Wales will tell us about “Farming and Fungi”. Members of CMG will be getting an email with all the info they need to participate, and need do no more.  But if you’re not a CMG member but would like to go to the meeting, you can find out more here:



Carmarthenshire Meadows Group Autumn and Winter Talks

The arrival of Covid-19 and the need to respond to the growing pandemic has had a huge effect on conservation organisations, both large and small.  Our group is no exception; we had to cancel our big indoor meeting we had planned at Myddfai in the spring, we couldn’t arrange site visits or other outdoor events involving travel during the lockdown, and we won’t be able to have a big indoor meeting this autumn.  So, in place of the indoor meetings in different village halls around the county, we’re planning to arrange for talks we would normally have heard live, to be delivered via Zoom.  Zoom is rather like Skype, but generally thought to be more versatile, and it’s become very much more widely used during the pandemic.  Zoom
users can meet online, with or without video, so it’s an ideal alternative for us to use to deliver talks, allow the attendees to ask questions, and have a resulting discussion, in complete covid safety while we can’t have indoor meetings.  Many of you may already have used it to attend meetings or talks without having to leave your own home, and to keep in touch with friends and relatives while you can’t meet with them face to face.  If you haven’t used it, do give it a try, many of us hadn’t until the pandemic struck this year; but for now, and probably for some time into the future, it’s the new normal.

The first of what we hope will be a series of Carmarthenshire Meadows Group Talks this autumn and winter will be on Tuesday 27th October, at 7.30 pm, and will be given by Caroline Orr, Senior Project Officer of Afonydd Cymru, and Harriet Alvis of the West Wales Rivers Trust.  Caroline was to have given us a talk at the meeting in Myddfai that we had to cancel.  Full details of the talk can be found here:

If you’d like to attend the talk (and you don’t have to drive across the county to do so!), just click on the link above, and register for your ticket.  We hope you’ll give it a try!


3 thoughts on “Events and Meadow Visits

  1. We’d like to go to the wild flower day at the NBGW, and yes it would seem a good opportunity to meet up with other meadow group members if enough of us are there. Andrew & Helen Martin


  2. National Trust –ranger-led walks around Dinefwr Park

    These walks are every fortnight on a Thursday at 12p.m. The next walk is on Thursday the 18th June at 12p.m and the walk will be all about wildflowers in our Castle Field

    Visitors are welcome to book on to any of the walks at our Dinefwr Visitor Information Centre and we then begin the walk just outside the centre. Visitors are welcome to contact me either via email on or they can call me on 01558 824512. The walk is included in our normal admission prices for the park which is £6.50 per adult or free if you are a National Trust member.

    Many Thanks,
    Sarah Jones
    Ranger at Dinefwr


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