Ecological Surveys

You may want some advice or assistance on managing your grassland.  An ecological survey may be useful which could include:

• A walkover of your grasslands with an experienced ecologist to assess the habitat

• Key species identification

• Preparation together of a simple map-based management plan that will meet your needs

• List of basic do’s and don’ts!SDIM2315 (2)

If you are interested there are a number of ecologists who all work locally who will offer this service.  The cost will need to be discussed and agreed at the time as of course it will be dependent on the amount of land, where you are, the sort of service you are looking for.

Please contact them directly:

Fiona Lanc –

Ivy Denham –

Richard & Kath Pryce – Joint County Recorders for Carmarthenshire for the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland – 07900 241371

Provision and assessment of plant diversity and vegetation condition, basic advice on habitat conservation management. The Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland (BSBI) is a scientific society for the study of flora, plant distribution and taxonomy relating to Great Britain, Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. The society was founded as the Botanical Society of London in 1836, and became the Botanical Society of the British Isles, eventually changing to its current name in 2013. The BSBI appoints a Recorder for each county of the British Isles. Each County Recorder is a volunteer who receives no financial reward and is not reimbursed for expenses but acts entirely out of their enthusiasm for the subject and for recording, monitoring and conserving Britain’s flora.

Diana Clark MSc MCIEEM – Koru Ecology Associates, Killay, Swansea07591 504840

Diana (Di) Clark (trading as Koru Ecology Associates) has worked as an ecologist since 2003 and has a keen interest in supporting local groups, community councils and landowners to manage their land in a sustainable way. She is able to complete Phase 1 Habitat surveys, hedgerow surveys and more detailed botanical surveys, as well as provide advice on habitat management and protected species.

Becca (Rebecca) Killa –  Reserves Manager for Carmarthenshire in the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales will do visits and basic advice for free:,

Jonathon Lee BSc MSc MCIEEM Principal Ecologist, David Clements Ecology Ltd, Carlton House,5 Herbert Terrace, Penarth, Glamorgan, CF64 2AH. Tel: 029 20 350120 Fax: 029 20 711997

Matt Sutton & Vicky Swann – 07870 515942

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