Christmas Greetings

Very best wishes to all readers for a happy and peaceful Christmas Time. carmarthenshire-landscape-1Certainly no Christmas snow’s going to fall this year on the county’s meadows, and whilst it’s a time when you’d be hard pressed to tell a flower rich meadow, from a more intensive one, maybe the activities of some of the wildlife which shares these space with us, gives us a clue that for them a wildflower meadow holds greater appeal…12050160a-212110050-2a-212050166-2a-212060034a-2

We even had a Welsh hornet visit our valley yesterday, to trace and sort out a power outage problem in a local overhead line, in advance of today’s arrival of Storm Barabara…sdim0784-3sdim0774-2sdim0769-2Three Christmas Cheers for Western Power Distribution, and that amazing helicopter pilot.

Batten down the hatches and keep warm.

Nadolig Llawen. Happy Christmas

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