The Tithe Maps of Wales

The CMG Spring Meeting took place on 24 March 2018 at Banc Y Felin Village Hall.  We enjoyed two excellent presentations:

Professor David Thorne – “Field names and mediciners”

Richard Pryce – “Plant indicator species for meadows”.

By (very) popular request I set out below the link to The National Library of Wales, Place of Wales homepage – which gives access to the search facility for the tithe maps of Wales:

Its very straightforward to search  – by parish, village, landowner etc and it is a fascinating record of land use in around 1840 (the precise year depending when the relevant area was mapped).

Also – as a further source of information on local names, Professor Thorne referred us to the Royal Commission of Ancient Monuments website:

If anyone finds out fascinating facts about their land, garden or property that they want to share please do email at our usual contact details –


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