Welsh Soils Discussion Group (WSDG) meeting – 2 or  3 April (Aberystwyth) – Soil: The essentials

In the interests of promoting events that our members might want to attend, please see below. If any member can make it, please do feedback to us so we can produce a report or highlight key points.  It looks like a great introduction to soil (a hot topic right now).  We do want, what is currently called, our blog to become more of a forum for our membership.

Welsh Soils Discussion Group (WSDG) meeting – 2 or  3 April (Aberystwyth) – Soil: The essentials

The next WSDG will be on either the 2nd or 3rd April in Aberystwyth. The date will be finalised very soon but likely to be 2 April. Cost is £10 for non-British Society of Soil Science (BSSS) members.  The meeting will provide talks and discussions to provide a basic grounding in soils.  It is aimed at persons who have either an interest in soil or for whom soils part of (but not core to) their job. It is possible some in the PNP may be interested?

Talks on:

What soils are: (Ian Rugg, WG)

Soil threats in Wales: (Jack Hannam, Cranfield University)

Soils and Farming: (Paul Newell-Price, ADAS)

Soils and Ecology: – including soil biodiversity (TBA)

Soils and Planning: (James Cooke, WG)

Soil mapping and Earth Observation: (Katie Medcalf, Environment Systems)

Essentially, the day is aimed at non-soil specialists to develop their knowledge. As well as the speakers, there will be other specialists available to ensure good discussion.

The event will be posted on the BSSS website shortly, with a confirmed date:





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