Opportunity to visit a local meadow – members only.

As mentioned in a previous post (https://carmarthenshiremeadows.com/2019/04/11/visits-to-cmg-members-fields/) we’d like to encourage Meadows Group members to visit each other’s fields to exchange knowledge and experience as well as having a nice walk in a meadow.  So Andrew and Helen Martin will be inviting group members to see their two fields in mid June.  Below are their fields in current late May loveliness.

Since the website and the Facebook page can be viewed by anybody (not just CMG members) we’ll send out details of how to book by email to all the members.  If you’re not a member but would like to be (so you can book to go on the visit), you can join the group by visiting this web page: https://membermojo.co.uk/cmg.

Parking is limited, so bookings will be taken on a first-come-first-served-basis.  Andrew and Helen look forward to seeing some of you in a couple of weeks.


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