Site visit to look at NBGW’s green hay project – Thursday 27th June at 2pm

This is a short half day course as part of the National Botanic Garden of Wales’ “Growing the Future” project, and is designed to inspire meadow owners to manage their fields to benefit biodiversity. The Garden’s Head of Interpretation, Bruce Langridge, will lead the tour and explain how the green hay project has been implemented.  

The walk will take about 90 minutes. It will go to one of the botanically rich donor hay meadows from which the green hay was cut, and then to visit the two meadows that received the green hay, one being more overtly successful than the other. 

Entry to the National Botanic Garden of Wales is £11.49 per person, unless you have a NBGW membership in which case it’s free. 

But for this event, members of the Carmarthenshire Meadows Group who pre-book will not pay an entry fee as they are attending a course.  It is important that you pre-book, because Bruce will need a list of attendees to check you in.  All CMG members will be sent an email inviting them to attend, and you can book your place by replying to that email.

Meet at the Garden’s Gatehouse.

Finally, as its orchid season – and as a happy aside, can we direct your attention to:

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