Green Hay at the National Botanic Garden of Wales – update post

This report follows on from the visit by CMG members to see the results of the green hay experiment at the NBGW (see previous post on the blog):

An opportunity for us to collect some freshly cut hay from a Waun Las meadow was arranged by Bruce Langridge (Head of Interpretation at the Garden) and the Waun Las farm manager.  Bruce let us know the day before the fields were to be cut for hay, and sent a map of the fields and how to get to them.  This was circulated to all CMG members, and anyone intending to turn up next day after the cutting was finished at about 2pm was asked to email Bruce to say they were coming.  Bruce also posted this on Twitter:

In the event, as is often the case (learnt from bitter experience) the weather forecast changed so on the day the rain arrived after the hay cut had begun.  So, the cutting was stopped after one field, however Bruce contacted all those who were coming to tell them which field had been cut, and how to get there, and he put a sign on the gate showing us where to go.10 CMG members were able to collect some and take it home to spread on their own fields.  Time will tell whether any new species appear on the receptor fields.  But it can do no harm, and it was very little effort.  We think it is definitely well worth doing, and as Bruce said in an email afterwards: “I passionately believe that this is the sort of thing a national botanic garden should be doing, so it’s great to have your support.” It’s also fits exactly with what our meadows group wants to be doing, so we thank Bruce for all his help in setting this up.  We hope to have a similar arrangement in subsequent years.



1 thought on “Green Hay at the National Botanic Garden of Wales – update post

  1. Thanks Andrew. I forgot to say that we also spread green hay onto a species-poor pasture at the entrance to Waun Las NNR. For thos who know the site, it’s the field adjacent to the abandoned Waun Las farmhouse.


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