Article – restoration of floodplain meadows

In the current edition of “British Wildlife” magazine, there is an interesting article about the restoration of floodplain meadows using green hay.  This habitat is now very rare, there are <1200ha left in the UK.  The article describes how a meadow in Wiltshire was restored using green hay, and converted from pasture to meadow management over several years.

A summary of a paper written about the project can be found on the “Conservation Evidence” website:

and you can also download the whole paper (Hosie C., Rothero E.C. & Wallace H. (2019) Restoration of a floodplain meadow in Wiltshire, UK through application of green hay and conversion from pasture to meadow management. Conservation Evidence, 16, 12-16)  from that same Conservation Evidence website page.

Thank you to Andrew for spotting this article.


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