In the wake of National Moth Night….

If you missed National Moth Night – or were inspired by it….we’d like to tempt you to get excited by moths in your meadows (and gardens and woods). Julian Wormald has kindly sent me some beautiful photos to delight you. Each is labelled – and are of species that you might expect to see in late August and September.

Julian’s full database of moth image folders is available on line in diary format –

Readers might find the simple diary and size category breakdown in Julian’s moth folders helpful for quickly identifying a lot of the moths which they might find locally now, or indeed at any other time of the year. They’re all from a DVD ROM guide “ In A Different Light” which he produced way back in 2008-

Thanks Julian for these – next year is definitely going to be the year that I get a moth trap to see what lives locally to me.



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