Couple of useful things to watch/read! Bees and dormice…..

Firstly, Buglife have a project to try to record two rare species of bee which are associated with Scabious. If you click on the link below, it should take you to Liam Old’s excellent talk. Liam is the conservation officer with Buglife for Wales.

‘Searching for Scabious’ project  – click link here

to take you to a YouTube video.

Secondly, another survey- this time Dormice – with a message from Isabel Macho. I’m pleased to be able to provide this in both Welsh and English. I’m learning Welsh slowly but I am a way off being able to do posts here in Welsh.

Helfa Gnau Pathewod Sir Gaerfyrddin 

Mae Partneriaeth Natur Leol Sir Gaerfyrddin yn trefnu Helfa Gnau Pathewod yr hydref a’r gaeaf hwn a gobeithiwn y gallwch ein helpu.

Rydym yn gwybod bod gostyngiad wedi bod ym mhoblogaeth y pathewod yn genedlaethol ac mae eu hamrywiaeth wedi’i chyfangu i de Cymru a Lloegr. Ond beth yw eu hanes yn Sir Gaerfyrddin?

Yn wir, yn Sir Gaerfyrddin, rydym yn gwybod eu bod yn fwy cyffredin nag y meddyliwyd yn flaenorol, ond fel y gwelwch o’r map yn y wybodaeth sydd ynghlwm, mae bylchau o hyd lle mae cynefin addas ond dim cofnodion. A oes pathewod yn yr ardaloedd hyn? 

Mae’r holl fanylion yn y wybodaeth amgaeedig a byddem wrth ein bodd pe gallech ein helpu.


Carmarthenshire Dormouse Nut Hunt

The Carmarthenshire Local Nature Partnership are organising a Dormouse Nut Hunt this autumn and winter and we hope you can help us.

We know that there has been a decline in the dormouse population nationally and their range has contracted to southern England and Wales. But how are they getting on in Carmarthenshire?

In fact, in Carmarthenshire, we know they are more widespread than previously thought, but as you can see from the map in the information attached there are still gaps where there is suitable habitat but no records. Are there dormice in these areas?

The attached information has all the details and we would love it if you could help us.


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