other online events you may be interested in…..

There seems to be a flurry of events which might interest members of the group. If anyone sees anything that they think might be of interest do email me via the website and I will put it up. I have two more that look good so promote them here.

In date order:

Wales Biodiversity Partnership are having their annual conference online at the end of this month. From 23 to 27 November there will be 45 talks, workshops and virtual tours – open to anyone interested in biodiversity in Wales. I was going to post the agenda – but it was 5 pages long and by the time I post it in Welsh too, you would be scrolling down forever to get to the second event. So I’m pasting in the link below – so you can investigate the extensive agenda at your leisure.


Looking at the agenda there are lots of familiar names giving talks.

The Wildlife Trusts are doing a series of online events covering issues relating to wildlife, the natural world and environment. This month it’s the Agriculture Bill. The date for the event is 2 December – link to the details, registration etc is below.


1 thought on “other online events you may be interested in…..

  1. Definitely have a look at the Wales Biodiversity Partnership conferece program; there are presentations there that will be of great interest to lots of CMG members. It’s a rare opportunity to hear these talks from the comfort of your own home, don’t miss it!


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