Resources related to Liam Olds talk on Scabious Bees, and Richard Smith’s talk on Brown Hairstreaks

Hot on the heels of our last post, if you were at the CMG meeting last Friday (27/11/2020) evening, held using Zoom, you might like to see again the following links and email addresses.

From Liam:

Below are a few useful links relevant to solitary bees and bees in general:

Wales Threatened Bee Report –

Bee, Wasp and Ant Recording Society (BWARS) –

Steven Falk’s Flickr collection (bees) –

A short article on the scabious bee project:

Searching for Scabious

If you need to contact Liam, he’s on

About the Brown Hairstreak:

01792 642972 is the number to phone to obtain signs to label hedges as butterfly friendly and to discourage flailing.

You can get a leaflet on Brown Hairstreaks and hedge management here:

and a short article on searching for their eggs on blackthorn here:

Richard can be contacted on


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