Almost meadows….which will be of interest to some!

Wednesday, 21st April 7.15 for 7.30pm start ZOOM meeting for Cothigardeners. Julian Wormald talks on:

“Wildflowers, Meadows and Gardens – challenging ideas for more naturalistic gardens.”

This will look at various aspects of wildflower hay meadows – their biodiversity, aesthetics, creation, ecology and management; and contrast this very briefly (since this is a time reduced zoom talk) with currently trendy “pictorial” meadows. Finally, it’ll consider how we can learn from wildflower hay meadows to develop more naturalistic and diverse plant-based communities in our gardens. This section mainly focuses on our grass free multicultural meadow terrace garden: how it’s developed over 20 years, is maintained, and changes through the seasons.

Anyone interested in joining the talk for free, can do so by emailing Fiona on this address:

and she’ll send you the link for the meeting in due course.

Link to the Cothigardeners below:

Best wishes


1 thought on “Almost meadows….which will be of interest to some!

  1. Dear fellow eco-enthusiasts in and around Carmarthenshire,

    Thanks for the info. I would like to watch and listen, but my old Mac won’t install Zoom, so I am left out in the cold until we can all hold actual meetings again.

    Meanwhile I am very very slowly getting my little eco-scheme going. It’s 3.7 hectares, called Erw Fach, south-east side of the A486 at Capel Cynon, Ceredigion.

    Eric (Franklin)

    On 29/03/2021, Carmarthenshire Meadows Group – Grŵp Dolydd Sir Gaerfyrdd


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