Big Meadow Search 2021 – update

You may remember our earlier post on this blog – which included a link to a survey. We are pleased to say that we had a good response to the survey and the results were incorporated into the planning for the project.  

So to recap: we’re going to be asking volunteers to do something like the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch, only it’ll be to record plants rather than birds.  This project has been developed by Carmarthenshire Meadows Group with the help of the Carmarthenshire county plant recorders. Although developed here in our county, it’s open to anyone to take part and you don’t need your own meadow – but please get the landowner’s permission if you go onto somebody else’s!

The aim is to search meadows and record the plant species you find using the Big Meadow Search tick list. The event will be running over 2 separate weeks. The first, 30th May – 6th June (Wales Nature Week) and the second, 3rd – 10th July (to coincide with National Meadows Day). You can search in one or the other week or both if you have the time.

The Big Meadow Search tick list is based on the National Plant Monitoring Scheme (NPMS) lowland grassland species list with additional meadow species added at the end.

The NPMS have a useful colour identification guide accessible as a free online PDF at

as well as a two-part introduction to lowland grassland at

The tick list (in both Word and Excel formats) is available on request from and it can be printed out for use in the field, then you can enter your results into the Excel file (preferably), or Word file (if it’s easier) so you can email the results back to the same address.   

There is a Big Meadow Search 2021 Facebook group where you can add your finds, photos and comments and see what else is being found, and a Twitter account: @bigmeadowsearch.

The benefits of taking part include adding to the local knowledge of meadows in your area and records to your local biodiversity records centre not to mention the fresh air and exercise. 

If you have any queries, please contact 

thanks all.

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