Events and more Events!

Firstly, CMG – Autumn Winter online event

A members event on 29 September – Kevin McGinn will be talking about the NBGW seedbank and their brush harvester.

Secondly, Plantlife

Plantlife are running a series of online events – under the banner “Fall into Nature with Plantlife”.

Full details of all the events may be found here

Of particular interest to those interested in meadows might be

5 October –Waxcap grasslands – Why we need your help

6 October – Breathing new life – how the next generation of conservationists are making meadows matter

6 October – Classes for grasses

7 October –  Communities in action – on the road to success

and there are more…..please do go to the website and have a look at the options.

Thirdly, Floodplain Meadows Partnership Conference

Running from 13 to 15 October there are a host of speakers and virtual site visits with a major focus on restoration.

More information here:

If anyone spots other events that members if CMG might enjoy please let me know – and I can promote them.


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