Two Online Meadows Group meetings – details here.

The next two meetings of the Meadows Group have now been finalised, and as always members of CMG will be emailed with details of how to join the meeting, and do not need to buy a ticket.  However, if you’re not a member of the group but would still like to attend, you can buy tickets using the links below.

For the meeting on 25th November, where we’ll be hearing from Sorcha Lewis about her farm in the Elan Valley, go to:

For the meeting on January 6th, where we’ll be hearing about pollinator research at the Nationa Botanic Garden of Wales, go to:

We hope to see you at both meetings, anyone who attended the Plantlife Talks on Conservation Grazing will know how amazingly well Sorcha manages to combine farming and conservation; and Abigail Lowe from the NBGW has done some really interesting research on what resources wild pollinators need, and the best ways to help them.  Remember, if you’re a member of CMG you don’t need a ticket!  If you’d like to join the group, visit: and click on “Join/Renew”.

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