Dormice – Join the Carmarthenshire Nut Hunt

Carmarthenshire Meadows Group is promoting the Carmarthenshire Nature Partnership’s project to locate Dormice in the county. Survey efforts indicate that they are more widely distributed in the county than previously thought but that they are facing declining habitat quality and increased fragmentation.

Can you help in the search to find where dormice live ? The best way is looking for hazel nuts with the tell-tale signs that they have been eaten by dormice.

Carmarthenshire Nature Partnership have produced a detailed leaflet to help which may be downloaded from the links below:

Here’s hoping that lots of new records are made – and that leads to sustained efforts to link the existing sites.


1 thought on “Dormice – Join the Carmarthenshire Nut Hunt

  1. I have noticed hazel shells pierced with a neat hole in the way you illustrate that may be the work of one of the three species you mention. My site is near Llandysul, Ceredigion, not far beyond Carmarthenshire’s border. As it happens, I have arranged an expert inspection of my 3.74 hectares tomorrow morning.



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