Carmarthenshire Meadows Group Hedge laying training

Many thanks to Kate Smith for preparing this article and taking the photographs.

Ten Carmarthenshire Meadows Group members took part in hedge laying training led by Malcolm Edwards on Saturday 4th of February 2023 at Blaenig Uchaf, Talley.

Llandeilo billhook @Kate Smith
Maiden hedge approx 10 years old, mainly hawthorn @Kate Smith

Malcolm talked about the types of hand tools required for the job and showed the group regional variations in billhooks. He explained the different styles of hedge laying and that these too have regional variations.

the group and Malcolm talking about chainsaws @ Kate Smith
Malcolm using a billhook

At the hedge Malcolm demonstrated crop and pleach hedge laying. He showed the group how to get the best out of the tools and how to cut and manoeuvre trees to lay them in the best position. As well as hedge laying techniques, planting hedges, chainsaws and coppicing were also discussed. It was a fantastic opportunity to watch and learn from an experienced and skilled craftsman.

The laid section of hedge at the end of the day @Kate Smith

We’d like to thank Malcolm for his time and for sharing his expertise with us and Catherine Nakielny for hosting the event.

Kate Smith

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