Our meeting last Saturday….

We had a very interesting meeting on Saturday – and thanks to all those who attended and participated in the discussion.

To our speakers – a special thanks for their time and the quality of their talks.

Gareth Griffiths from Aberystwyth University spoke on Grassland Fungi.  Of note was his report on the isotopic analysis of waxcaps which appears to suggest they may consume animal matter rather than plants and also and also the impact of agricultural inputs and grass cutting regimes on abundance of grassland fungi.

Here is a link for anyone wanting to read more:

Click to access griffith-waxcapbritishwildlife04.pdf

Laura Jones of National Botanical Gardens Wales provided us with an update on her research on ‘Honeybee foraging’ – the project is investigating the foraging choices made by honeybees.  I will follow up with her so we can get the published data available and further updates in the future.

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