Plantlife and its campaign for proper mapping of meadows.

You may have already been following Plantlife’s campaign for a full inventory of Britain’s remaining meadows.  There is a petition to encourage wider participation in the issue.  Plantlife have recently had the opportunity to meet with the Special Advisor on the Environment in the Prime Minister’s Office.  A link to the Plantlife blog post is below.

At our last meeting, we discussed the need for a detailed map of Carmarthenshire – which would show conservation areas, specific areas of habitat including meadows – and who was managing them.  This would help those of us who want to contribute to wild life preservation to see where their land could fit into the wider landscape.  Plantlife’s campaign chimes with those discussions – along with Buglife’s B-Lines project.  A link to that is below:

Do look out for reports from both these organisations on the progress of these plans.


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