Webinar 24 February 2021 – Centre for Alternative Technology.

At CMG we want to support and promote like minded groups and webinars and talks when they arise. This time its CAT – with what looks like a practical guide to meadow creation and enhancement. Note that Dr Kevin McGinn will also be doing a talk for members of CMG on 3 March – so look out for the details arriving in your inbox in due course.

The webinar is called “Wildflower meadows: why and how

The information on the webinar is: “Over 97% of the UK’s species-rich grasslands have been lost over the past 100 years, but there’s a growing movement to create and restore species-rich meadows. In this webinar our panel of experts come together to discuss why species-rich meadows are important, and how you can create your own. 

Be inspired by examples of restored meadows as our Head of Eco Centre, John Challen and our Biodiversity and Natural Resources Manager, Rob Goodsell talk us through how a meadow here at Centre for Alternative Technology was revived. John and Rob will discuss what benefits the meadow creates for biodiversity on site, and how it provides an excellent opportunity to use the natural environment to excite and educate.

We’ll also be joined by our Growing the Future partners, National Botanic Garden of Wales, where Head of Interpretation Bruce Langdridge will explore the wider benefits of wildflower meadows, including flood alleviation, carbon capture and human wellbeing. Bruce will then introduce us to five hay meadows at different stages of reversion on Waun Las National Nature Reserve. He’ll discuss the transformation of these meadows from dull grass–dominated pastures to orchid-rich meadows, and how these are now providing wildflower seeds which could help to transform other fields across Wales.

Dr Kevin McGinn, Science Officer for the Growing the Future project based at the National Botanic Garden of Wales will then take us through the practical steps of creating your own meadow. Kevin will offer tips on transforming small spaces like garden lawns, parkland or school playing field edges into species-rich, pollinator friendly wildflower meadows.”

If anyone sees other talks that you think should be promoted, please let me know!


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