Webinars worth a look:

There are two very good webinars from Plantlife, which might be of considerable interest to visitors to this website, that have now become available to watch on YouTube.  The first is given by Dr. Trevor Dines, and in this talk he explains how he has created a stunning meadow in North Wales in the Conwy Valley, and how in only 5 years the results are quite amazing.  Click on this link to watch the presentation:

The second Plantlife presentation is by Dr. Kate Petty, and her talk is about Plantlife’s road verge campaign, and how much species-rich grassland could be created by managing them in a different way, often at the same or less cost than is currently spent on frequent short mowing.  To watch this presentation, use this link:

CMG itself has also been running a series of monthly talks for meadows group members, and the most recent of these was titled: “Cornwall – changing the scene for pollinators and people”.  This talk was by Professor Juliet Osborne of Exeter University’s Falmouth campus.  Her talk explains how her research group has been working with local authorities and farmers to increase biodiversity at various sites in Cornwall, and she also explains some of the group’s research into the effects of traffic on insect visits to flowers on road verges (which is very relevant to Kate Petty’s talk listed above).   Anyone, including non-members of the meadows group, can now see this talk (and several others) on our You Tube channel by using this link:

And finally, coming up on 8th March:

Richard and Kath Pryce are the flowering plant recorders for Carmarthenshire, and Richard will be delivering a talk via zoom to the Llanelli Naturalists on March 8th, entitled “40+ years recording the Carmarthenshire Flora”

Topic: Naturalists, Time: Mar 8, 2021 07:30 PM London. 
Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/93061700312?pwd=allFSnVISE1lRzI1cjlTSnY3dXNVUT09
Meeting ID: 930 6170 0312 
Passcode: 127265 
(It may say that the meeting is hosted by Keith Evans-Hurley). You can either download the free Zoom app. in advance (go to zoom.us), or if this is your first Zoom meeting it will automatically prompt you to install when you click on the link, but allow a few extra minutes for this before the meeting starts.  You don’t need a camera or microphone unless you want to be seen or heard! 
If you would like more information about Zoom meetings, there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube, such as: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIkCmbvAHQQ  or 

All looks great – and several hours good viewing.


1 thought on “Webinars worth a look:

  1. Thank you for these. Interesting …. must have been something in the Bangor water! Trevor was on the same course as me!

    Kevin J. Caley (Llanteg)

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