Very good Plantlife webinars on meadow creation and monitoring

Plantlife Cymru recently had an excellent series of webinars on meadow creation and monitoring.  They covered how to start off a meadow both on a small scale in an average garden, and on a large field scale, and the various ways of achieving a species rich grassland as the final aim.  They also covered different methods of monitoring grassland development, using a simple method suitable for interested children and also smaller scale sites, as well as the more involved but well-developed Rapid Grassland assessment method.  After something of a long wait, recordings of these webinars are now all available to watch on YouTube.  Please click on the titles below to take you to all of the recordings hosted on Plantlife Youtube Channel:

Meadow Monitoring and Surveying Methods – Introduction Meadow Making – How to make a wildflower meadow on any scale

Meadow Making – How to make a mini wildflower meadow in your garden, park, school or hospital

Meadow Making – How to make a meadow (of any scale)

Meadow Surveying Methods – Every Flower Counts

Meadow Monitoring Methods – Rapid Grassland Assessment

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