Not meadows – but Interesting – Wildlife Trust’s Cardiff Local Group: Trees and Climate Change – Can we plant our way out of trouble?

Trees, wildlife and storing carbon are subjects close to the hearts of CMG members:

The next online meeting of the WTSWW Cardiff Local group – Monday 31 January 2022 – 7.30 – 9pm – online.

Professor Mary Gagen of Swansea University will consider the role of trees in combating climate change.  Mary writes “Trees are wonderful things and, when it comes to ‘green infrastructure’, they are the top trump card being simultaneously good for wildlife, good for storing carbon and good for our well-being.  As we face the climate and nature emergencies there has never been more interest in trees as a solution – we can plant trees now, and we know they do a lot of good for us and for the planet. But can we plant our way out of trouble?  In this talk I will take a look at the ecosystem and climate services trees offer and discuss what tree planting programmes, can, and cannot, achieve.”

This online meeting is available by clicking on the following link:

(Hosted by the Bridgend Local Group of the Wildlife Trust)    

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