Reacting to better/good practice

Reports on the ground of some careful verge cutting on the Llandeilo by-pass part of the A40 has resulted in noticeably better amounts of flowering species than many other road verges.  Our roving reporter noted that the verges had been mown using walk-behind mowers (too steep for a tractor), and all the cuttings moved down to the bottom of the slope using leaf blowers, and best of all, the cuttings were then being collected up, put in a pickup and taken away. Management in this way appears to be increasing the diversity of flora year on year.

The Carmarthenshire County Council’s Biodiversity Officer was asked who might be thanked for this enlightened road verge management: South Wales Trunk Road Agent: Petra Davies – SWTRA <> and /or enquiries <<a href="http://http://<;

It is understood that Welsh Government manage a small number of verges like this; when the verge is big enough and the appropriate equipment is available. If you think this is something that is worth supporting, may CMG encourage you to email SWTRA at the addresses given and provide positive feedback. It is known that any un-mown verges get complaints – and hearing instead from the public that they are doing the right thing (in our view) and that the time and effort is appreciated would help keep these positive steps going in the right direction.


1 thought on “Reacting to better/good practice

  1. Thanks Rachel, this same area has also been sympatheitically managed for Brown Hairstreak, sensitive cutting of blackthorn only when necessary not when contractor fancies “tidying”. So bonus result is that thanks to Petra & Elen at SWTRA, this stretch of verge last year held around 200 of the remaining 350 Brown Hairstreak eggs found in the Tywi valley, where a decade ago there were thousands between Carmarthen & Cilycwm. Don’t forget that field side hedges DO NOT require or need cutting every year!


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