Thoughts from the meadows – clearing small meadows yourself.


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Thank you Ivy for sharing these thoughts. This message from Ivy Denham is both practical and uplifting: The floral diversity of old fashioned hay meadows are preserved and enhanced by annual hay cuts – where the seasons growth is cut … Continue reading

Event – Ffridd: Managing a mosaic of upland fringe habitats. Thursday 13 October 10:00-14:00 Cwm Berach Uchaf, Ammanford


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Pont and Plantlife working together bring you this event on 13 October. You will visit ffridd, a habitat found on the boundary between the enclosed lowland and open uplands and often includes a mixture of habitats including grassland, heathland, mire, … Continue reading

Mycorrhizal fungi in a wildflower meadow – link to fascinating article


There is a fascinating article by Bruce Langridge in the Blog section on the National Botanic Garden of Wales website: with insights from Raphaella Hull (a visiting PhD student from Cambridge University) into the part fungi play in meadows … Continue reading