Lamb Whispering


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Very little gets written on these pages specifically about livestock on members’ meadows. Probably rightly so, but after Rachel’s plug for pictures, here’s a little piece about our own experiences. We realised very early on that we couldn’t manage some … Continue reading

Shooting For Snipe (With a Camera!)


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Like many readers, I guess, we’re still under the cosh of the Beast from the East up here, with minus 14 degrees C measured on occasion, and horrendous wind chill. Though for now we’ve escaped the worst of the snow. … Continue reading

Two interesting links

Two updates that may be of interest:

First, thanks to Andrew for this link to the current “British Wildlife”.

There is often discussion on the possible benefits (nutritional or pharmaceutical) to livestock from the the variety of wild plants in herb-rich grassland, either from direct grazing or from winter feed of hay or haylage.  There has been a review of evidence in the available literature carried out by Cath Shellswell of Plantlife.

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Second, the PONT conference,  “Farming, Nature and Food – Grazing for the Future” is coming up on 7 -8 February at the Dragon Hotel, The Kingsway, Swansea.

For more information and easy online booking visit


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Insect Biomass Decline – Follow Up; Provisional Programme for 2018.


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Thanks very much for this detailed follow up by Andrew to the short piece I featured in a previous post on a German study hinting at significant declines in insect biomass over a 25 year period. Everyone (well, anyone who … Continue reading