We hope that as many of you as are able will join us at 7.30pm on Wednesday night for our next meeting and event. A reminder of who will be joining us:

We will be hearing from 3 speakers on a variety of subjects that are important to our countryside and the life in it.

Rhys Evans is the organiser of the Nature Friendly Farming Network in Wales – he is going to speak about the aims of the organisation.

Richard Smith of Butterfly Conservation will be speaking about the loss of Brown Hairstreak butterflies in the county and the likely causes.

Malcolm Edwards will be speaking about hedge laying; the benefits to wildlife and the various styles seen across the county and wider across Wales.

If you are a member you will have received the zoom meeting details.

If you aren’t a member, or you know of anyone who might want to attend the meeting but isn’t a member, this link will enable you to get a £2 ticket to the meeting.  Please share it with anyone you think might be interested:

Hope to see you tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “REMINDER – ONLINE MEETING 23 MARCH 2022 AT 7.30pm

  1. Sorry to hear that Gerald – I will investigate and find out the cut off time and why. The meeting is being recorded – and will be on our YouTube channel shortly so you can see it then.


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