Floodplain meadows talk – and follow up

The two speakers from last night’s meeting would like to make their email addresses available to interested landowners who might want them to go and take a look at their potential floodplain meadow sites.  They are:

Leila Thornton: leila.thornton@naturalresourceswales.gov.uk
Caroline O’Rourke: caroline.orourke@open.ac.uk

and the Floodplain Meadows Technical Handbook is available as a .pdf or can be bought as a hard copy from:

The meeting should appear on our Youtube channel in a few days.

1 thought on “Floodplain meadows talk – and follow up

  1. Thank goodness for your enjoyable cycle ride with all those amazing views and the agreeable time you spent on Zoom and playing your music. Hope those happy memories help make up for the rugby result today!


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